Mildly annoyed

I was attempting to setup Confluence to use a mysql database on both Windows and MacOS X. Neither of them would work, same error produced on both. It seems to be fairly common error too.

Tried to fix it, but didn’t manage to do so. Spent a good 1-2 hours on it I would imagine too. In the end I opened a ticket with Atlassian to assist. Still waiting to hear back regarding that ticket, and it’s now been nearly 24 hours. So hopefully I should hear something tomorrow.

I am going to build a Linux virtual machine, and host it under that I think. I’ve setup Jira previously for a customer where I use to work, but never played with Confluence until now. Must admit, I quite like it too. So I think if I do get it working with mysql which I am sure we will soon enough, might have to purchase a $10 license.

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