I have an iPad v2

Decided to purchase an iPad v2. Thought it was a good time to purchase after skipping the first generation.

Initial thoughts? Impressed, browser is so fast when using it. It takes some getting use too when typing. So far very happy with it. My son also likes tapping away at one or two games on it. I think I need to pick up a programming to see what I can throw together for him. As I can think of some additions that would help him, sure they exist too, but from what I seen the various implementations are terrible.

Commvault Simpana 9.0 SP1a vs SP1b UI differences

As promised in yesterdays post, below is the UI differences I spotted after upgrading from 9.0 SP1a to 9.0 SP1b.

Simpana 9.0 SP1a
Simpana 9.0 SP1b

As you can clearly see, the Download From has been removed from the top most part of the window. I’ve had folks tell me they would change this URL to stop updates from being downloaded, even if autoupdate jobs got enabled.

I guess going forward, the URL that use to be displayed will need to be put into the hosts file and pointing to to ensure that if scheduled updates won’t download.

Upon further review of the Readme with the SP1b patch, I found the following, which relates to the above UI change on the product.

FTP Server information for download updates does not need to be shown to the user.
(Update 33815)

Healing nicely

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the mountain bike stack, and I am healing nicely. Still pretty sore around my ribs, but getting back to normal shape.

Will be on the bike again any day now, just as soon as I find the time. As I had been away for the last week on holidays, and managed to do a bit of swimming, which immediately had me notice just how sore I still was in some parts of my shoulders and ribs.

I think I have a good respect now for the section of track I stacked it on. Think I might avoid it for a bit, as it’s not fun coming off on that sort of surface.