So begins 2011

So begins 2011. Wonder what the year will bring. All I know is that my immediate goals will be to complete my MCITP: EA. Only need to do two more exams, and if that means work won’t help with it, then I will put some funds aside when they become available to take the 2 exams I need to obtain it.

In the meantime I will wait for work to confirm if they’d like me to do my RHCE exam, so might need to start some revision for that soon as I complete the EA exams.

See what happens.

In other news, I think the blog will be moved to the cloud. Will more then likely create an A record and point it to my posterous account for the future web content. Just don’t have the time or the design skill to maintain my own site (and everything associated with it). So you will see changes happen in that department, thinking of transfering the domain to another registrar. whom I got the domain from has been good, but I’ve been happy with the services offered by, so might transfer to them. As I get free dns hosting with them without any extra associated costs, unlike

I only need 6 or more MX records and then some A/CNAME records after all.