Microsoft 70-652 completed

Passed the Microsoft 70-652 exam today. So this is a start on the MCITP: VA certification. Will need to complete 2 more exams to finish that one up. Although this will be sometime next year. Had the book so wanted to get it done.

Currently starting to read the ITILv3 Foundations certification material. Want to try and attempt this one by the end of Oct at this stage. Followed by Microsoft Windows 7 MCITP certs 70-685 and 70-686. Although I think the exam in December will need to be held over to mid Jan due to Xmas break etc.

I should publish the track I have taken and what I am expecting to do (or hope to do). Although the order can change depending on my mood.

Microsoft Applications available in VHD’s.

On the account I have been doing so much Microsoft related certification lately, I have came across the odd link that helps with things. Below is a link to all the Microsoft Applications available in VHD’s. i.e. virtual hard drive format ready to use with Hyper-V etc.

Speaking of Hyper-V, I am going to give 70-652 exam a run next Wednesday. Hoping to have enough information in my head to pass it, and I will be happy to just get through, but will see what happens on the day.

Meanwhile, the link is here (open’s in a new window).

Never fear, I shall be attempting to do some reading in the new year and attempt the RHCE certification track. Assuming when RedHat 6 comes out they don’t change the training too much, and/or introduce something like VMware which requires you to do a training course to prior to doing the exam to obtain certification.

Front Garden – Work in progress

The front lawn doesn’t grow against the house out the front and has always been a bit of a dust bowl. So to solve the problem, I have start to put a garden in it’s place.

Below is a photo showing the progress so far. Hope to have this finished next weekend and then look at putting some nice hedging plant in. Want something that will grow about say 90cm high. Will create a bit of privacy and probably cut down on the amount of dirt dust that would otherwise blow onto the porch.