TiVo bonus

Purchased a TiVo 160gb just the other week. It’s a run out model in a brown box. I had my suspicion it was a refurbish unit, however couldn’t get a straight answer. In any case I was going to purchase one, as it was far cheaper then the current 320gb models available. It comes with 12 months warranty.

Managed to get a bit knocked off price too. Brought it home set it up, then had to wait about 12 hours for the device to get the latest updates, then get enabled with the device name I selected. We already owned a older TiVo 160gb and I had the home networking package enabled/purchased.

While I was waiting for it to update I noticed TiVo offering a 1Tb Expander drive by redemption. Just need to setup a Caspa Wallet, then purchase a unit between a certain time frame. Of course pay for postage costs. Submitted details and got a error. Which clearly said the unit was believed to have been previously registered prior to the offer. Contacted the people behind the email address pointed out this was a unit purchased a few days earlier and falls within the period, and isn’t excluded by any conditions. To my delight, they fixed the problem with in 2 business days and then a few days later my credit card was charged for the postage. 1Tb Expander drive arrived today and it only cost me $10 for the postage. Very happy.

First time for everything

I lost my mobile last week, and unfortunately nobody handed it in. I believe I lost it outside of work in public area. Lots of foot traffic, but nobody seems to have handed in the phone.

Like they say, first time for everything. First time I have ever lost a mobile phone ever. Not overly happy, but what can you do. So iPhone 3GS is no more. It’s gone.

Now delegated to using a Nokia E71 until the completion of the contract. Oh well. The iPhone has since become a brick to whom ever found it, as it has been provider blocked by the code of the phone.