Month: March 2010

Traxxas Revo 2.5R bashing

Managed to make some time to get the Traxxas Revo 2.5R out today. Thanks to my wife, she managed to capture the following clips for me to upload. The car was very dirty at the end of it. I reckon a few weeks of this and then it will be time for a rebuild.

[youtube kdlROJv7Xo4]

iPhone 3GS

Picked up an iPhone 3GS to replace that of my iPhone 3G that I already have had for sometime. The existing phone was purchased outright and was locked with Telstra. It was on a Telstra cap, and the amount it cost me was certainly not competitive.

I managed to get a new phone on a plan that includes more for less then I was paying with Telstra using my own phone. Go figure.

iPhone 3GS seems a bit different so far, in fact better then previous model. Had considered to get something else, but kept coming back to the iPod which can be used for audio/video playback. Both handy features for a phone device all in one unit.

Traxxas Rustler VXL damage

Ran the Traxxas Rustler VXL yesterday and managed to have a wall jump in front of me.

The damage this time was a shock coming apart. Good news is it wasn’t damaged to the point I couldn’t fix it. Pulled apart, added new oil. Rebuild shock. Reinstalled back on car.

All good for another use.

Amazon books arrive

The amazon book order arrived yesterday, just had to go pick up from local post office as I had a card left for me. As I wasn’t home when the package arrived.

Books shipped in good condition. Very happy with the service. Now I just need to read and study the content.