Amazon certainly is cheaper

I am about to embark on the reading of 2 x Microsoft Press books to attempt two Microsoft certification exams. More details on these as time goes on, but for now the story is about the book prices.

Locally the books cost about over $100 for one. Looking on Amazon the books I wanted had list prices of $44 USD and $37 USD. Oddly enough I ended up getting both with postage for about $127 AUD.

It’s an easy decision, buy from Amazon, get both books and have to wait up to a month.

Will post back my experience, I’ve heard others say Amazon has been a pleasure experience to purchase from.

3 thoughts on “Amazon certainly is cheaper”

  1. Michael,

    Try Prices include shipping and almost invariably are cheaper than Amazon including when shipping is taken into account. Also, delivery in about 2 weeks. Never had a problem and buy from them all the time. There is also a if these are US only titles. Feel free to email if you want more details.

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