Domain Registration

While I was away visiting family, I had to get a domain registration completed.

We registered the on the 25th Dec, and to the surprise of us all it was completed in the early hours of 26th Dec. Not bad considering it was Christmas and all. Very impressed.

Configured Google Hosted to host the email for the domain in question, then configured a small WordPress setup for the domain itself on our linode VPS server. Now to show Heidi’s mum how to use it, then let her go crazy with WordPress.

The domain and website is for the Kings Christian Church Temora, which can be found here.

Solaris 10 update 8 printing on Sparc

Why is printing so hard to configure. Anyone able to assist?

EDIT: lprng was attempted to be compiled and installed. Although installed, had issues with the filters. So printing didn’t work. Next up someone tried to install CUPS and this too failed for certain reasons. Last attempt was then to use the native printer support in Solaris and this too seems to have failed.

Anyone got any links to any reasonable good howto’s that can be followed to have either the native stuff work, and/or get cups to work on Solaris Sparc platform. Have a few network printers that need to be printed too from the Sparc host in question and not having much luck it would appear. Grrr

Another year older.

A few days ago was my birthday. So I am another year older. Doesn’t really feel any different I must say. But the time sure does fly by.

I got some nice gifts from my wife and family. Picked up a new Hyperion battery charger, which is the model as shown here. Along with it I also got 2 x 3S 11.1v LiPo batteries. Thus the need for the newer modern charger. A framed photo of Darwyn with Santa (his first one). Last but not least also got I Am Legend on Bluray and a Madonna audio cd. All in all a good number of gifts to celebrate the day.