Apple Time Capsule Failure

Arrived home from holidays to find my Apple Time Capsule which was purchased in April 08 to be dead. It has no functional L.E.D.S.

Not impressed at all, as the didn’t last long. It was purchased with 2 machines that both had extended warranty, so my theory is it too should be covered, as Apple Displays purchased with machines that have extended warranty is typically covered.

Will soon find out, once I call Apple Australia tomorrow. If the unit is NOT replaced, then I won’t be replacing it. As I am not impressed that the next one would last outside an 18 month period.

EDIT: I am told it’s not covered. So a $700 item purchased in Apr 2008 has died outside of the 12 months warranty. Not impressed. Won’t be buying another.

5 thoughts on “Apple Time Capsule Failure”

  1. I called Apple Australia, spoke with the Applecare folks and they clearly said it wasn’t covered. I then followed up with the reseller whom I purchased all the gear through and they too advised it’s not covered.

    Annoyed to say the least. Oh well I won’t be buying another. As these units clearly have issues. i.e. they get too hot.

  2. Yeah I got the data off, that is not a problem. But the fact the TC died from what appears power supply fault. Not impressed. Think I will not buy much Apple hardware now. Think the 2 laptops I own will the last 2 we buy.

  3. Sad to say, I think the quality and reliability of Apple products has taken a nosedive in the iPod era. The old G4 “lamp” iMac seems to be the last reliable product they made. It’s outlasted one G4 iBook (two logic board failures), one G5 iMac (one HDD, two logic board failures), one Intel iMac (logic board, warranty time bomb) and one Time Capsule (power supply, warranty time bomb). I’ve had enough. It’s hard to believe that Apple is the same company that made the Mac Plus and Mac SE, which would literally be trouble free after 10 years. They need to get back to good engineering before this situation catches up to them. On the bright side, with Win7, Microsoft has finally released an OS that is a worthy competitor to OSX.

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