Apple Time Capsule Failure

Arrived home from holidays to find my Apple Time Capsule which was purchased in April 08 to be dead. It has no functional L.E.D.S.

Not impressed at all, as the didn’t last long. It was purchased with 2 machines that both had extended warranty, so my theory is it too should be covered, as Apple Displays purchased with machines that have extended warranty is typically covered.

Will soon find out, once I call Apple Australia tomorrow. If the unit is NOT replaced, then I won’t be replacing it. As I am not impressed that the next one would last outside an 18 month period.

EDIT: I am told it’s not covered. So a $700 item purchased in Apr 2008 has died outside of the 12 months warranty. Not impressed. Won’t be buying another.

Parcel 2 did arrive

My other box of parts did arrive. It arrived 2 days ago. I’ve since then managed to fit out the Rustler VXL with it’s street tyres and even managed to have a bit of a run.

Have decided to get 2 x 3S Lipo batteries for it, and a new charger for the new batteries.

My wife and I had our 2 electric cars out lastnight, while my neighbour also had his electric e-revo out too. So we had 3 of them running up and down the street. Certainly was fun, even had a few spills. My neighbour even managed to break 2 bearings in his rear diff. Lucky enough I had 2 of those bearings as spares, so he was soon repaired and ready to use it again today.

Parcel 1 of 2 arrives.

My parcel that shipped from the states was 2 boxes, unfortunately only 1 of the 2 arrived today. Here is hoping that parcel number 2 of the batch arrives tomorrow.

I have 1 tracking number for 2 parcels, so the fact I got one and not the other at the same time is annoying.

EDIT: looks like the email with tracking numbers only showed 1 such tracking number. If we log on to the providers site, it shows 2 parcels and 2 tracking numbers.

Traxxas Revo 2.5R Nitro

Had my trusty Traxxas Revo 2.5R Nitro Monster Truck working today, however just as I was getting into the swing of things, noticed the rubber between the exhaust and engine sprung a leak.

Guess I will need to order a replacement when I order a few parts in the next 2 weeks. At least I had the unit running again, will give a tune another attempt once I fix the above mentioned part.

Still waiting on our Rustler VXL Brushless buggy to show up. Still no update on the tracking website. Hoping it arrives sometime this week. Will post some pics and video footage eventually.