Changes to The Bill

In the past few weeks the episodes of The Bill now airing have changed. With the introduction of a new start up sequence of the show, they have also changed the style of the show. The way it is shot certainly is different. I can’t say I like it either, I am still trying to decide.

2 thoughts on “Changes to The Bill”

  1. I’m a bit dubious about it too. The previous format seemed to be working reasonably well. I think that they would have been better doing minor tweaks rather than significant changes.

    Also it seems that they have gone too far with making it dark. Making things brighter than real-life is a reasonable thing to do on TV so that people can actually see what’s going on.

  2. Russell, I must say after attempting to watch last nights episode. I am very disappointed. I just cannot seem to get into it. The new format and the way they seem to shoot the thing now doesn’t do it for me. It’s hard to explain, but it just doesn’t seem like the old show use to be. Surely we are not the only ones finding this new format a bit of a joke.

    Guess I will attempt to give it a few more episodes, but so far, not seriously impressed.

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