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Found two interesting you can see them here and here. Both talk about the convention used by people for the naming of hosts. Something I have also been long interested in. What can I say, geeks think about this stuff from time to time.

For the last few years I have adopted to name our hosts at home after the names of Simpson Characters, and sometimes that of precious stones. Currently I have barney, maggie, marge, abu and topaz.

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  1. Rendrag says:

    We’ve used a few methods over the years.. Up until about 3 years ago, all my personal machines were babylon 5 related – vorlon, babcom, drussi, narn, minbar, jumpgate, centauri, terra, shadow, whitestar, aggamemnon.. ( for a chuckle at ooooold-school hardware, from back in the day :) )

    Our servers at work were originally all planets (jupiter, europa, pluto), then changed to Dr.Who races/worlds, when we changed sysadmins to a guy who was dr.who mad.. – sontaran, silurian, vardan, aggador, kaos, nimon, skaro, movellan, auton, ra, zygon, then eventually as we grew became more function-based.. i.e. dt-netsim, dt-master, dt-slave,,,, prod.psql, dev.psql, prod.mysql, dev.mysql.. For other giggles, that one goes back a good 6 years :) Our sister company used Islands for all their machines – though I could never remember which machine was which – i ended up identifying them by static assigning their IP addresses in DHCP, and incrementing as they went clockwise around their office ;)

    And of course these days at work, it’s completely functionality-based.. border, vms1, vms2, vms3, vms4, mail.clients, mailfilter, backup-mail, etc :)

    At home, its more based on look.. – MBP is silversurfer, TC is tardis, video editing PC (which is black) is blackie, shed PC is simply ‘shed’ ;)

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