Month: June 2009


Tonight begins another NSW vs QLD – State of origin series. Unfortunately I must admit that I will be supporting QLD. Sorry to all those who believe I should support NSW. I have my reasons.

Hopefully I won’t have to hang my head in shame for saying this so public. Soon see.

Windows Software Updates

Matt Bottrell posted an interesting entry about some software that can be used on Linux to pull down Windows Software Updates and even create an ISO ready to burn.

Just the thing for when you have to rebuild Windows computers for family members who might not have an Internet connection and/or enough data to download said patches after a complete reinstall.

Site changes

Site has undergone a number of changes. Things may break from time to time. However if after a few days you still see something broken, by all means make a comment and/or contact me.

In the meantime, it would appear I have finally found a reasonable theme. So I am attempting to use this theme and change things to suit our site. It’s a work in progress, however I have certainly obtained some understanding of WordPress themes in the last day or two while tinkering around.

One area needing work is some old attachments and pictures, I will slowly fix these over the next few weeks. Don’t be surprised if you see a number of new entries start to appear from time to time, I will try to post a few more things.