Australian TiVO

I’ve been a long time fan of Mythtv and have used it on and off for a number of years, however it was always a big ask to get WAF (wife acceptance factor).

Since the launch of the Australian TiVo, I have been long interested in a purchase of a unit. It was going to be purchased to replace the Topfield 5000 my wife has used for a number of years. We had a Beyonwiz DP-S1 in the past too, but sold it as I hated it, and my wife wasn’t overly keen either.

I’ve had the TiVo hooked up now for a number of days, and it’s been going about it’s business. I setup a few season passes and from this it has recorded a vast number of suggestions. I’ve then set about rating them so that it does more of the stuff we like vs the stuff we don’t. My wife is yet to use the unit and should do so from tonight onwards, I am interested to see her feelings on the unit. I certainly like it, so much so I want to purchase the Home Networking thing before the promo ends this month, or look to buying a 2nd unit instead, then adding it to our existing account, then we will get the Home Networking option for free if we have 2 units before the promo ends. I see a huge value in having the ability for a 2 unit setup in seperate rooms being able to playback recorded content from either unit. Especially handy since our house has ethernet ports in those rooms.

Guess I will need to make some decisions after my Wife has manged to use the first unit we purchased, however I must say I am impressed. It works rather well, even with some limitations imposed on the Australian models vs those sold in the US.

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