Month: March 2009

The countdown continues

Certain readers might not be aware, but my wife and I are expecting our first born in just over 5 weeks time.

We’ve managed to get the car seat installed, wash all baby clothes we’d purchased. In addition we have purchased everything that has been required and of course setup up the room for the baby.

I’d admit the time has gone pretty quickly. I am glad we are very well prepared and have managed to get everything done.

Getting pretty excited now.

Solaris iostat guides

Anyone in the world web recently come across any reasonable guides/tech notes on Solaris iostat usage and interpretation. Especially on hosts when Solaris Volume Manager (metastat) is in use on the host.

I want to find a resource I can read to help understand using iostat for troubleshooting.

OpenSolaris install

OpenSolaris is not bad. I installed it and don’t mind it. Although what I didn’t like was the limited install ability to select what I want to be installed.

It’s possible I did it wrong, and you can do a custom type install. I guess I will look at it again in due time.

I certainly love some features. Containers for example.

So at this stage, the only thing that has let me down is the install (or lack of custom install).