Debian Lenny 5.0

Installed Debian Lenny 5.0 onto my AMD64 machine. Seems to run alright. I immediately got VMware Workstation installed and this operates nicely too.

Operating system managed to pickup my native resolution correctly, of course currently only using an unaccelerated video driver, which will be an ongoing issue. My system has an onboard ATI 3200 HD video adapter I think. I think the only accelerated video driver is the non open source one, which from last use sucked. I’ll install the version that ships with Lenny to see how I go. Hope it doesn’t generate core files like the one on 4.0 produced. I’d really hope an open source accelerated video drivers is available eventually.

The other issue I have currently is no audio working. Which is a problem, as any virtual machines will then have no audio working either. Will work on getting the audio working tonight, think I will need to do a reboot or two with changes made. I know audio works on ubuntu, so it should work on Debian too. Just a matter of getting things right.

Doesn’t look like the default apt sources has any mythtv packages, I guess I am missing something. Will have to explore this too, as I wouldn’t mind having a backend/frontend on the host too (so I can then use the HDHomeRun network tuner, that I am interested in purchasing).

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry about the delay of my response.
    Haven’t had a chance to tinker around and look for a source. Although I’d probably be inclined myself to grab the source packages if they exist, and compile from those. Otherwise probably grab the tar/gzip source and compile those.

    Not the most ideal thing, but at least you will get something that works.

    Ideally I would love to find an apt source for some Debian 5.0 mythtv packages too. Maybe we need to add some multimedia repository. Guess I should research it some more.


  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the reply, I’ll give it a try. Any solution for the sound in VMware? My Lenny setup is nearly perfect, just this sound thing……


  3. The audio issues I had was with Debian Lenny on the physical machine. It didn’t detect the audio chipset correctly. I tried a few things on the web and never got it to work. Soon gave up and reinstalled the machine.

    At the moment, I am highly tempted to go OpenSolaris, so will be giving that a go in the next few days.

    Wish to give containers in OpenSolaris a whirl.

  4. OpenSolaris is alright, don’t really like having limited choice on the Desktop being installed or not.

    Will probably go back to Debian 5.0 just as soon as I purchase another hard drive to use as the operating system drive, then I can use my existing 2 x 500gb drives in a software raid mirror for storage.

    Stay tuned.

  5. Followed this to get audio working, although I also had to apt-get install esound and gnome-audio so that the system sounds worked. I also then tweaked around to make sure no audio devices were muted using Volume Control application in Applications -> Sound & Video.

    Physical machine now has audio working, although GDM logon still produces a beep when the login prompt shows. Will investigate further later.

    Really hoping we see an open source ATI 3200 video driver eventually.

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