httptunnel assistance

Anyone in the wide world web had the pleasure of tinkering with httptunnel? I trying to get htc/hts to work and although I can manage to get it working, the performance is rather slow and it only appears to accept a single connection.

I am trying to get a http proxy to work from an internal network via a httptunnel to say my linode host where another http proxy exists to get the webcontent required.

Anyone managed to play around with something similar and have it work. As I’d certainly appreciate a bit of a head start on any research already done by others.

Buying used cars is too much trouble

To keep a car for 10 years is one thing, but to keep one that you bought new is another. Sure enough my wife has had her car 10 years, and she bought it brand new 10 years ago. It’s been a very good car, cannot fault it, although a 2 door coupe is not practical when it comes to having kids.

We’d considered buying a nice big car, something like a Ford Territory that was a year old, however these went from being pretty available, to not so. We then considered other options. We found something we liked, and paid for it to be inspected. Told buyer, if inspection is okay, we’d buy. Of course the inspection came back indicating issues, so I am glad we got it done. Although now out of pocket for the inspection (rather then being out of pocket a lot more funds and with a dodgy car). Let’s just say, it appears cars are bought at auction and repaired (and not very well, as I noticed items in it I was not happy with and my suspicions where justified).

After this little incident, my wife and I thought about things a little more. Used car market can be so hit and miss, that we felt we just didn’t have the energy to continue down this route. Rightly so, you cannot just keep throwing money into inspections.

We put together a list of possible car’s, went looking and comparing. We wanted something that had a reasonable boot, so that the pram could fit and atleast a few bags too. Especially if we wanted to go away. Of course it should also have the standard items like A/C, CD player, cruise control, alloy wheels… you get the drift.

We managed to rule out some, and then get introduced to others. We never thought of looking at a certain car, but as chance would have it. When we looked at the Hyundai i30, we were then pointed to a Hyundai Tucson. Of course when we heard the special drive-away price available at the time we both fell backwards. Turns out they were selling the new revised model 23,990 drive-away. Upon closer inspection the car seemed to tick all the right boxes. It has a good ride height, which is like the Territory, so nice and easy to put baby into capsule/car seat without bending over etc. The boot size looked odd, but when I got the pram and tested (it fit fine with enough room to spare). It was available in a manual. So we had a test drive, sure enough it felt nice to drive too.

In the end, it was an easy decision. My wife loved it too, so we bought one on the spot. The decision was an easy one, now we don’t have to deal with trying to get a used car etc. This one is new, and well if it can last 10 years like the last one, then we will be very happy. We got the last Charcoal 2.0L Manual due to come off the next ship which docks on Jan 27th. So she should have her new car mid Feb.

Below is a sample pic including the colour choice in question.


To say she is excited is an understatement. Although I am glad we went this route, as my wife certainly deserves a new car more then anyone. As I said, her car has done 10 years, and most people would be lucky to keep a car for 5 years (let alone 10). We are just happy it’s another thing to tick off the list, all we need to do now is to transfer over her personal plates to the new car at the RTA after we get it, and then put some generic ones back on her current car. Then start to advertise it, so the car can be sold. We’ve decided we will keep the current car for a 3 month period, so that she can drive the new one once her maternity leave starts, and the current car to be advertised.

The 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5L Manual 2 Door Coupe has been a great car, it got upto just over 140,000km at the moment. I see other 1999 models with over 170,000km. So she has kept her kilometres down for it’s age.

Now it’s just the waiting game for the new car, and then some last minute running around to do the plate swap when it arrives.

PS. Always get an inspection on that final used car you want to buy, especially when your spending several thousands of dollars.

EMC announces 2400 jobs to go.

Found out yesterday that EMC announced 2400 jobs to go, further more pay/performance reviews put on-hold for the period.

Those who are made redundant will know by the end of Q1 2009, as they want to have it wrapped up by then.

As always put it in the back of your mind and get to work doing the job you do everyday, if it happens, not much you can do about it.

Go see Marley and Me

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go see it. Marley and Me was a good movie. It’s amazing how much Marley reminds me of our dogs, or at least one of our dogs. Buddy was very similar, and even though that’s how he is. We still love him just the same.


As you can see above, Buddy and Bindi having a sleep. Buddy always seems to get the thicker dog bed of the two.

We love them both so much.

New PS3 game additions

Picked up two new games for the PS3 over the Christmas period. Both gifts, one from my wife and the other from my mother.



COD:WAW is a great game, solo mode is good. Network play is good fun also, although I am by no means great, I still enjoy it.

Fallout 3 is good too, the map is huge, but I am finding it quite difficult, as I tend to run out of ammo quickly. Oh well still lot’s more things to do in the game. Only at level 4 approx.

If anyone is looking for a new game, certainly take a look at either of these.

Mediatomb on Debian Linux

If you want a upnp server on Linux that will support streaming of audio and video files to your Playstation 3 (PS3), then Mediatomb is the software for you.

Grab it from the Debian repository and then configure it as required. Requires editing the config.xml file. Below is a link to my sample config.xml and an import.js which I modified that shows the audio/video files in a way in which I prefer.

Mediatomb Sample Configs

I have my media content laid out like so;

/srv/media/tv/showname - series 1/episodes