Events of the past few days

A busy weekend as usual. Went and checked out the Sydney Motorshow and as everyone has been saying, it was no where near as busy as usual. Which is good, as I hate the huge crowds. So it was great to walk around and look, without having to be pushed and shoved.

Of course, some very nice cars to be seen. Was worth going to have a look.

In other news, I picked up an AMD chipset motherboard and an AMD 4850e processor. I must say the processor is nice, the motherboard is too. Although the biggest let down is how badly supported the onboard ATI video processor is under Linux. It would appear that the ATI binary only drivers under Linux totally suck still.

The driver support under Windows Vista x64 for the mainboard is totally good. The video drivers work very well. Shame about it not being so nice under Linux. Bummer

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