Chasing cables

For those who might recall, when our house was under construction, we ran a number of cables with the help of a friend.

Lastnight I thought it might be a good idea to chase the cables in the wall of the office, and wire up the cat5e runs from our family room. Of course I couldn’t find the cables. I removed all wall plates from existing runs so I could see more clearly into the wall. Counted cables and then consulted a photo I took at the time we ran them. Of course the numbers matched, so it appears the 2 cables I was chasing, have already been wired up to the existing wall plate. It appears I must of done them and forgot to make a note somewhere that all I need to do is wire these cables up on a wall plate in the family room.

So it appears I must of forgot, I’ll blame the recent holiday for that lapse.

Back from holidays

The lack of updates in recent weeks was due to holidays, my wife and I did a 16 night cruise out of Sydney and it concluded today.

We arrived back in Sydney around 7am today, we then got home about 10:30am or so.

I’ll be doing a few back dated blog posts, so that more information can be posted about various destinations we visited, along with pictures.

Stay tuned.

Bad timing

It would appear we just got notification for a our power outage. It appears they have to cut power next Tuesday.

One of the downsides to living in a new housing estate, especially when your street is undergoing a massive amount of new houses being built.

I’ll be sure to turn off my iMac and a number of other items. I will however leave my ADSL router plugged in and probably my Time Capsule too. Will go around the house unplugging any other items too. They recommend turning off the 3phase circuit too, so I willl do that also (and my garage door).

Why couldn’t it be this week, rather then next. Bad timing alright.

VMware Fusion annoyances

I’ve been using the latest beta now for a while, and I posted about a issue on the VMware Fusion Beta forums and to this date I still have no solution provided, and it appears no one is really interested.

The issue is, if I install a Debian 4.0 guest, then shut it down and make a copy of it. Then boot the copy, it then prompts you the usual question. I say I copied the guest, it should then regenerate various things in the vmx file. ie. mac addresses etc.

Unfortunately, the copied guest when booted looses networking completely. It was suggested that certain linux operating systems hold the mac address of network interfaces in a file inside the /etc directory structure. Of course said file doesn’t exist in Debian 4.0. Ie. Debian 4.0 doesn’t appear to hold the mac address in a file. So of course the suggestion of the file is not applicable in this situation.

Thus my problem, I am no longer able to copy an existing guest and use it a number of times. Very fustrating to say the least.

Anyone hit this same wall and find a solution? As I have tried editing the vmx config file of the copied guest, only for the system to prompt at the next boot of the guest did I copy or move the guest. So it appears the system still knows it was copied from the original guest system.