Next MacBook Upgrade

The next upgrade I have planned for my MacBook is to purchase a 320gb sata notebook hard drive, so I can swap out the 160gb unit that it came with. This will give me a lot of storage. Oddly enough it will end up making this MacBook have more disk space and ram then my iMac. Not to mention it’s also got the faster processor.

more ram

With the price of ram being so low, it was a better time as any to buy some 2Gb so-dimms and swap out the MacBook factory 1Gb so-dimms.

My MacBook now has 4Gb of total ram as per the screen capture below, now I can run a few more VMware Fusion Guests, or One really memory hungry VMware Fusion Guest.

I should also mention, the 2 x 2Gb chips in question cost a total of $92 ($46 each). Like I said, real good price at the moment.

smtp bounces.. oh my

I can see why folks don’t really run smtp services these days, as the amount of spam is crazy. Once you filter the spam, you then have to contend with all the bounce messages you get from spammers using your email address as a from address.

Our smtp server was running great guns on linode 360 account, and then after a few days I started to get atleast 150+ bounce messages an hour. It was at that moment I decided with the assistance of my wife, that running our own smtp server is just not worth the effort. Infact it’s totally not worth it.

As much as the linode 360 account rocks, I cannot justify having it just for web content. So terminated the service. Moved our weblog over to another location.