Anyone out in that wideworldweb currently using a Linode VPS to host a personal domain? I’ve been tempted for a very long time to grab one for our domain here, but my biggest issue is trying to get everything to work well in the memory allocated.

I’d prefer to use Debian, although I don’t mind Ubuntu either, but I am curious to hear from folks who currently have an Linode VPS host who have say postfix configured with some spam filtering etc, along with the usual LAMP setup on the VPS host. Looking for some install notes for setting up a very optimized host to run within the limits, rather then attempt to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

Looking at a Linode 360 account for this task. Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • sime July 24, 2008 Reply

    I use it as a development/play system. Though planing to run a few personal web projects in the future.

    But I love it, my only word of advise would be to pick the server location on the west coast of USA to get the least amount of latency. Sadly they don’t seem to have any room at the moment:

    Also I’ve used it as a Bittorent proxy (as in download torrent to VPS, then I’ll download locally via FTP) and Subversion server. I find a big difference in this, it frees my home Internet connection from uploading.

    Plan upgrades happen quite regularly, I’ve had disk space and memory increased many times at no extra cost over the years.

  • SelfishMan July 25, 2008 Reply

    I have several Linode VPSs and have no problems. They have numerous distros (including Debian). I use my main node (a 540) for LAMP, postfix server with amavisd, clamd, spamassassin and several other things. The nodes are fast, support is quick to respond 24/7 and the features in the control panel are amazing.

    I previously had nodes with Tektonic that just didn’t perform due to terrible I/O. I was reluctant about moving to Linode as I had never heard of them but was happy when I did. To test them out I moved a test anti-spam system processing about 100,000 messages per day from Tektonic where it took 2+ minutes to spit out a page (if at all) to a 540 in Dallas where it took less than 5 seconds every time.

  • TJ Fontaine July 25, 2008 Reply

    Hey! I’ve used Linode for 4 or 5 years now. The setup you discuss I originally accomplished with the first $20 plans which were L64s so with 360 it is certainly more doable. The control panel is such that at a whim you can wipe out your setup and reinstall with whatever distro you want. So trying out debian and ubuntu is certainly possible. I’ve used postfix+amavisd-new+clamd, AMP all on the same host, it just takes due diligence to tune it for a site that gets lots of attention. To start with you’ll want to look at mysql’s alternative configuration files for smaller memory hosts (in debian terms that /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.0/examples). If you want to continue using Apache + PHP you need to lower the default max/min client settings under pre-fork if you’re using mod-php, other wise if you’re using (fast)-cgi you’ll want to change the appropriate section for the mpm you’re running. I personally use lighttpd. WRT Spam and Postfix, healthy dnsbl and greylisting policies mitigate the impact that SA and clamav will have on your system, but even moderate throughput of hundreds of messages a day the server won’t really blink. Other than that the best piece of advice would be to keep your swap size limited, as you’ll be more disappointed with constant swapage versus hitting the OOM. There’s a very vibrant (and sardonic) community available to you in #linode on stop on by to chat more with folks willing to help you.

  • michaelf July 26, 2008 Reply

    Purchased a linode 360 and has been playing with config for the last 20 hours or so. Had opted to use lighttpd, but have since gone off it, as I like the ease of apache2, not to mention I already know it in some capacity, unlike lighttpd.

    Overall, very impressed with the service. Wish I did it sooner. This blog has already been moved over, so has a few other sites. Will have to iron out bugs.

  • Simon Rumble July 27, 2008 Reply

    I’ve had a Linode for about five years and it’s brilliant. Dunno about doing spam filtering, I outsource that job. But the support is just awesome. You won’t find a better VPS supplier.

  • michaelf July 28, 2008 Reply

    So far I like it, unfortunately I had to drop the postfixadmin and smtp virtuals from mysql. While it works alright, it seems a bit hit and miss. I had one user who could obtain mail and send email via the services, but I then had another user on the same domain who could obtain mail, but as soon as they authenticated to the smtp for outbound relaying, it would complain about the password and stop them. The password was indeed correct.

    Opted to back out of that setup, as we dont really need the smtp virtuals in mysql, and I am sure if I really need it we could use flat files etc.

    Will get onto the spam filtering soon, and determine what one can do.

  • Anony Mouse September 7, 2010 Reply

    I use Linode. No complaints so far and they are reliable, although slightly pricier. Slicehost was also good, but they charge a little more than Linode and has fewer datacenters than Linode. Stay away from those cheap VPS hosting you see, particularly ones by Rus Foster. He is shady and owns

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