Apple MacBook

With a little nudge from the wife, I’ll be picking up an Apple MacBook in the next week or so.

She said to me that it might be a wise idea to pickup a portable machine while we have the chance. I already own an iMac 2.16 Core2Duo which is now over 12 months old, so when I thought about it a bit. I knew she was right. I don’t need a MacBook Pro, and the MacBook would allow me to do most of my day to day stuff from anywhere in the house while I do other things. I am trying to be not so attached to the desk in the office.

Opted to pickup the middle model White unit. My wife had a Black MacBook and I can’t say I was a fan. So have opted for White. Getting a little excited about getting the new toy, but more excited about moving all the email and other documents across.

Once I get settled, will eventually increase memory to 4Gb total. Then will eventually get a 250-320gb drive for it. Then it should be a sweet portable machine.

Of course having this machine will also enable me to leverage the existing Time Capsule we purchased, thus I know the portable will always backup.

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