Debian 4.0 linode vps server and procmail success with smtp virtual users

After a few days of tinkering, I have finally configured things on the linode vps account so it works and does pretty everything I need.

I am using Debian 4.0. Had thought about using Ubuntu, but decided to stick with Debian as I have used it previously in the same capacity, without it failing me.

On a previous setup where I had smtp virtual accounts in the usual directory structure of;


I was always looking for a way to have a .procmailrc for the smtp virtual accounts, and finally after a bit of research I have managed to put something together that works. I cannot give much technical details apart from the fact I can now have procmail rules for smtp virtual mail users, and also have those users even have a custom .procmailrc file that will be honoured.

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HowTo Install VMWare Tools On Debian Linux Guests

This post was inspired by Sonia Hamilton.

I too always find myself installing a Debian Guest into VMware, in my case it’s usually VMware Fusion. Although the VMware Tools package between all products is the same anyways. Of course each time I install a new Guest I always forget the packages I need to installed to make VMware Tools work without a hitch.

Eventually I wrote it down. Process below is what I typically use on my Debian Linux Guests.

Determine the linux kernel version, using uname -a. Make note of the release.

Then install the following packages; (assuming the kernel version from the uname -a is 2.6.18-4-686)

apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.18-4-686 linux-source-2.6.18 gcc make psmisc

Once installed you need to uncompress the kernel source in /usr/src and then symlink a directory /usr/src/linux to kernel source directory, which you uncompressed into /usr/src after the apt-get install above.

Now grab the VMware Tools tar.gz package, uncompress it and then run the install script. It should detect the kernel headers/kernel source and build everything without error.

linode vps

I purchased an account and set about setting it up. So far very impressed, although at this stage I am trying to configure some suitable spam filtering. It would appear some guides/notes I had for amavisd-new is no longer usable. It appears they changed the configuration files quite alot in the latest releases.

Postfix is accepting the messages, then we pass it off to a content filter, in this case its amavisd-new. This processes it via spamassassin and then passing it back to an alternate postfix for final processing. ie. delivery via procmail or bounce etc.

Anyone got some guides on procmail rules so that I can send messages with certain headers to certain Maildir/ folders. ie. spam to Junk

And if anyone has any suitable amavisd-new config files for latest debian, then this would be appreciated too (or even a new guide/howto).

All in all, the service is great.


Anyone out in that wideworldweb currently using a Linode VPS to host a personal domain? I’ve been tempted for a very long time to grab one for our domain here, but my biggest issue is trying to get everything to work well in the memory allocated.

I’d prefer to use Debian, although I don’t mind Ubuntu either, but I am curious to hear from folks who currently have an Linode VPS host who have say postfix configured with some spam filtering etc, along with the usual LAMP setup on the VPS host. Looking for some install notes for setting up a very optimized host to run within the limits, rather then attempt to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

Looking at a Linode 360 account for this task. Any assistance would be appreciated.


I’ve had WarHawk on PS3 now for a month or so, my lovely wife got me a copy from DSE for a bargain price.

Not really played much, but have been making a bit of effort to play. Try to get on when a mate plays so we can play on the same map/server.

Last night I had a good few rounds, I’ve certainly got my favourite maps. Managed to snag about 5 awards in game and then also managed to have a few good scoring rounds. I am by no means great at this game, but its good when you have a good round every so often. Especially when you sometimes only score a few single digit figures in other rounds.

Operation iPhone 3G

Of course today was all about the iPhone. As you would expect considering Australia finally got the iPhone 3G.

My wife had a plan of attack which involved going to work earlier then usual, so that she could go join the queue at Apple Store Sydney. All was going well until she woke up a little earlier then she needed, and the queue was reported to be about 25 or so people. So she made the decision to go another hour earlier then planned.

I woke to find her in the process of getting ready and offered to drive her into the city, rather then catch a train at 4am. So I got up and changed, then headed in. The traffic was great, as we had none. Of course you’d expect that for 4am in the morning. Dropped her off out the front just before 5am. She joined the queue estimated she was about 26th or so. Felt really happy about leaving earlier and getting a reasonable spot.

By the time I got home at about 5:40am, she was telling me the queue had doubled. Didn’t surprise me. She also mentioned camera crews came down sometime later and the queue just kept getting bigger.

Eventually store opened at 8am, and she managed to get in and directed as required. Unfortunately she didn’t come out with her iPhone 3G 8GB until about 11am. If people didn’t hear, the Optus backend systems had some serious performance issues, not to mention network connectivity. So it took basically from 9am to 11am just to process her application etc.

Even with the wait, she was still excited. She was totally happy to finally have gotten an iPhone 3G. Plan seemed to have work. Now she has her iPod and phone in one device. Exactly what she has been waiting on.

I must say, I do like it too. Never had a chance to play with one before in detail and now I have. It is as good as the keynote from Steve Jobs last month.

Won’t post any pictures, as we all know what it looks like. It’s currently sitting in an iPhone dock on her desk. She bought one of those too, along with a nice leather cover and some screen protectors.

And the funniest thing to happen today would be the sms she got while setting up her contacts from a number in which we hadn’t associated with a contact yet. It read “How is your iPhone?”. She replied and said “Who is that? and how do you know I have an iPhone.” Turns out the person who sent it is a friend of course and they saw her on the Channel Nine news standing in the Apple Store line for iPhones. Channel Nine did a quick story on the iPhone and showed the start of the queue out in front of the store from the morning. And they seen her. Hahaha.

Apple MacBook

With a little nudge from the wife, I’ll be picking up an Apple MacBook in the next week or so.

She said to me that it might be a wise idea to pickup a portable machine while we have the chance. I already own an iMac 2.16 Core2Duo which is now over 12 months old, so when I thought about it a bit. I knew she was right. I don’t need a MacBook Pro, and the MacBook would allow me to do most of my day to day stuff from anywhere in the house while I do other things. I am trying to be not so attached to the desk in the office.

Opted to pickup the middle model White unit. My wife had a Black MacBook and I can’t say I was a fan. So have opted for White. Getting a little excited about getting the new toy, but more excited about moving all the email and other documents across.

Once I get settled, will eventually increase memory to 4Gb total. Then will eventually get a 250-320gb drive for it. Then it should be a sweet portable machine.

Of course having this machine will also enable me to leverage the existing Time Capsule we purchased, thus I know the portable will always backup.