Month: June 2008

EMCPA exam completed

Sat for my Storage Technology Foundations exam today and managed to obtain 93% overall. Of course that is a pass, so I am pretty happy. Decided only last week after starting some review that it might be wise to sit it, since the questions I was reviewing happened to be fresh in my head, not to mention I was doing…

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Apple iPhone 2.0 Applications

I am blown away by the number of applications that will be available by the Apple App store. The keynote that shows a sample of these applications is simply amazing. This device is going change how a lot of us work and communicate. I’ll consider the purchase of one in the near future.

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GTAIV 30% Complete

Slowly but surely I am completing GTAIV on PS3. I’ve just clocked 30% complete on the game. I got stuck on a mission yesterday, took me about 7 attempts to complete it. Got past it in the end, but it was a lot of time wasted in doing each attempt. GTAIV is certainly an interesting game. I like the network…

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