EMCPA exam completed

Sat for my Storage Technology Foundations exam today and managed to obtain 93% overall. Of course that is a pass, so I am pretty happy.

Decided only last week after starting some review that it might be wise to sit it, since the questions I was reviewing happened to be fresh in my head, not to mention I was doing pretty well at the time with the content.

So very pleased with the result. Would like to do further stuff, and might just do that. But like everything it will have to wait.

Apple iPhone 2.0 Applications

I am blown away by the number of applications that will be available by the Apple App store. The keynote that shows a sample of these applications is simply amazing.

This device is going change how a lot of us work and communicate.

I’ll consider the purchase of one in the near future.

GTAIV 30% Complete

Slowly but surely I am completing GTAIV on PS3.

I’ve just clocked 30% complete on the game. I got stuck on a mission yesterday, took me about 7 attempts to complete it. Got past it in the end, but it was a lot of time wasted in doing each attempt.

GTAIV is certainly an interesting game. I like the network play available for it. Makes things interesting when you have a bit of time to spare and you want to play online.

EDIT: Correction. 31.7% now 🙂