1080p bluray playback = sweet

Rewired our home theater setup and wired the PS3 into the TV. I must say I am very happy with the result. It worked perfectly fine. Bluray movie playback on the TV at 1080p is really sweet. It looks very good. The PS3 menu even looks a lot better, not to mention GTA IV.

Very happy with the result. All I need now is to test a few good Bluray movie titles. DVD upscaling is very good too, I think I will watch my DVD’s via the PS3 rather then via our Beyonwiz DP-S1.

Downloaded MediaLink for OSX and it seems to work really well. It implements a uPnP server on OSX for sharing out iTunes and iPhoto data, along with other folders of files as you select. Playback of content like DivX and XviD files is very nice. I think I’ll even purchase a license for MediaLink as it works without any effort.

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