• Shermozle March 20, 2008 Reply

    And if your BigPong request gets activated in favour of Internode, make sure you let Internode know. For one thing, BigPong should refund you the connection fee and Internode can use it to show that Telstra are favouring their own customers in favour of their wholesale customers, which is anti-competitive behaviour.

  • michaelf March 20, 2008 Reply

    I’ll certainly let them know, I advised them I would. It would appear from what I have heard from other folks on Whirlpool, that a held service means nothing. If they hold it, it don’t mean your queued for next available port (which Internode lead me to believe). If I get service, will just stick it out with Bigpond. I’d really just like to have ADSL again. It sucks having a good ADSL service in our old house, only to sell and then get stuck with a shit ADSL service in the house we rented, which meant I had to put up with 6 months of the service dropping as I couldn’t get Netspace to back me with Telstra. Twice burnt with Netspace, will never use them again.

    I’ll be sure to post back when more information on what is going on comes to light. Fingers crossed.

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