ADSL provisioned… at a cost

My wife had a nice little argument with a Telstra Supervisor just on Tuesday. It appears our attempt got parked. So she proceeded to let them have it.

By the time that 30min call ended, they had found a port and set the service to provisioning.

Wednesday evening it had DSL sync and working.

Unfortunately it came at a cost. That cost was the fact the foolish person who provisioned it, managed to screw our voice service. Yes, you guessed it. We now have no dial tone on our phone service. So I can’t make calls or even accept them.

Logged a fault today, they said it will be fixed by Tuesday. Of course I got the usual spill about troubleshooting, so I repeated myself a few times to indicate it was fine until your incompetent tech attempted to enable DSL. Before that, never had a issue. After that, no dial tone. Unbelievable.

In any case the ADSL1 1500 line speed seems fine. It’s stable and as fast as it should be for this service. Attainable line rate appears to be not crash hot, but it’s fine for the service I have. So that’s good enough for me. Just a real shame they had to kill our phone service in the process. Wish I checked it 2 days ago. We don’t usual use the land line during the week..

In other news though, 2 days after my wife’s call the Telstra Wholesale report came out and indicated that several days earlier the RIM had 40 available ports. Be interesting to see how many of those are still available in the new report due out on Monday I believe.

Who do you think this mystery actress is?

I was watching The Wedding Singer the other night, and an actress caught my attention. In all the times I have seen this movie, I’ve never thought who is that person. Until now.

The actress in question is not credited for this part, further more no one is credited for this role. See picture below, click for higher resolution version. I’ll name who I think it is, and see if anyone agrees.

I believe it to be……

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VMware Tools, still the best for Linux Virtual Machines

If it wasn’t for the VMware Tools package being as good as it was, then running Virtual Machines would be alot more difficult.

Below is a screen grab from my Xubuntu install which has since had the VMware Tools installed, thus the resolution of the Virtual Machine is running at the resolution I dictate. Could make it full screen, but I still like to be able to see my desktop for other tasks.

Click for High Resolution version.

Thanks to the heavens.

Part of Sydney just got slammed by a nice storm. In fact this storm when it hit our area caused a good deal of rain. I checked out water tank before the storm hit and it was below the level required to pull tank water.

During the storm I monitored the flow into the tank and was surprised to see it overflow. The rain was coming down that quick that the tank couldn’t overflow quick enough. So it managed to overflow some what.

It’s crazy the amount of rain that can be collected in a short period of time when you have a decent roof area to collect from.

Our 4200 Litre tank is now full. So that down pour contributed atleast 4100 Litres to it. Guess our flushing of toilets for the next week in addition to our washing loads next week are all taken care of.

HOWTO: Disable the Apple remote control infrared receiver.

If you wish to disable the Apple remote control infrared receiver, then you need to enable the option “Disable remote control infrared receiver” option as found in “System Preferences -> Security“. See example screen capture below;

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Replacement Seagate drive arrives

The replacement Seagate drive arrived earlier today. It appears the RMA process is pretty painless and works very well.

Replacement drive shows up as having the same period of warranty remaining, so all good. The interesting thing to note on the new drive is the label, I’ll take a photo tonight and post it on this entry. Basically the label indicates the drive was reworked.

Now I just need to buy an external case to make use of it, since it was replaced with a Samsung 500GB almost immediately when it died. So no external case available any more to use the Seagate in.