Drive Failure

It would appear the Seagate 320Gb drive I’ve been using in an external case decided to start giving some errors. It ONLY started to happen once the drive got certain capacity. Lost a number of days of recorded TV as the drive is used as my recording drive for my Mac Mini.

Ran Seatools over the drive it has about 90+ LBA surface errors. Repair completes, but short test fails again with a new one. Looks as though it is terminal. I managed to pull most data off the drive, but the recorded programs in the section of the LBA surface errors would not be obtainable. Oh well.

Replaced it with a Samsung 500Gb drive which I purchased yesterday. This new drive is SO quiet, not to mention very well priced.

2 thoughts on “Drive Failure”

  1. Sorry to hear about your drive. I wanted to mention that Seagate have given me some of the best support I’ve ever received.

    I had a 200 GB PATA drive that I rarely used, I notice that I was getting SMART errors so I had a look at the warranty. Sure enough if the drive reports that it is failing you can return it, and my drive had a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. They handled all the shipping for me and about a week and a half later I had a reconditioned 250 GB drive. Brilliant!

    Take a look at their site for returns info, drives don’t cost much these days but I think it’s worth the minor hassle. I’ll always buy Seagate now.


  2. Yeah I know about warranty checker, its within warranty. Will sort it out. In the meantime I got the data off it I could, and then ditched what I could not. Of course bought a new drive as I can’t wait for the replacement, but it will get replaced. Guess I will have a spare for next time.

    PS. The Samsung I got is alot quieter then the Seagate was, so I am happy I swapped brands for a change. Not had the best luck with some Seagates in recent years.

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