Thankyou Ten HD for Journeyman

Anyone been catching the show Journeyman on Ten HD. I must say I have been watching it for a while now, although I was a bit disappointed that Ten was airing it on Ten Digital and then switched it to Ten HD without warning. Just as well I spotted the change some weeks back.

In any case, I must say this show is just great.

Drive Failure

It would appear the Seagate 320Gb drive I’ve been using in an external case decided to start giving some errors. It ONLY started to happen once the drive got certain capacity. Lost a number of days of recorded TV as the drive is used as my recording drive for my Mac Mini.

Ran Seatools over the drive it has about 90+ LBA surface errors. Repair completes, but short test fails again with a new one. Looks as though it is terminal. I managed to pull most data off the drive, but the recorded programs in the section of the LBA surface errors would not be obtainable. Oh well.

Replaced it with a Samsung 500Gb drive which I purchased yesterday. This new drive is SO quiet, not to mention very well priced.

Absolutely Brilliant

Picked up an Apple AirPort Express, and I must say the thing is absolutely brilliant.

We wanted a way to send music from our iTunes to the Home Theatre setup in the down stairs lounge room. So we decided to get an Apple AirPort Express. It works really well. I’ve configured it to connect to an ethernet port in that room so I can extend the wireless network from the office upstairs. So it’s configured to do this, as well as do AirTunes to the Home Theatre. We have a speaker set in dining room and outside entertainment area from the Home Theatre setup. So perfect for entertaining etc.

All in all it works really well so far. Was super easy to configure, as the AirPort Utility is pretty damn spiffy.

Highly recommended. I guess I better continue to import all our audio CD’s as I have been doing on and off for months now since moving into the house.

VW Golf TDI fuel consumption?

Week to week I am still impressed with the VW Golf TDI we have. I can’t recall how old it is currently, but the more kilometres we put on it, the better fuel consumption gets.

I filled up again today, and I managed to get 850km out of that tank. The car then took 48.5Litres of diesel to bring it back to a full tank.

I certainly could have driven further, as the fuel light had not come on yet. However I wanted to fill up while I had time and at my preferred spot, rather then get near work and pay more per litre.

All in all, the car is doing really well fuel wise. It just had a 30,000km service on the weekend.

Very poor form from Electronic Arts (EA)

Electronic Arts (EA) need a swift kick. The reason why is that if you purchase a game from them, create an online EA account to track your progress of said game then associate/register the CD-KEY from the game when prompted. It registers the CD-KEY for the game against this online EA account.

They provide no means to remove this registration of the CD-KEY, so if you sell the game some months later, the person who buys it will not be able to use the CD-KEY with an different online EA account. They will be forced to either buy a new CD-KEY for the product at the cost of US $10 or obtain the user name/password of the online EA account the person registered it against previously.

I think this is very poor form. They provide tools to manage this at, however the tools do not allow you to remove the registeration.

Having been caught in this situation just lastnight, I asked the person who sold it to log a support ticket with EA, and I also mentioned the support ticket they logged in my own support ticket. The response from EA is below;

“Unfortunately the registration code can only be used to create one account. Since if you have previously created an account using the Registration code, you cannot use it again to create a new account. Also, the account registered once cannot be unregistered, removed or re-registered. You will need to login to the game using the same account name and password with which you have registered the game.”

As you can see, Electronic Arts (EA) will not provide you an option to remove this registeration of the CD-KEY from your own online EA account, even though you legally own it and wish to remove it.

I’ll be thinking twice about making any sort of game purchases to which Electronic Arts (EA) is associated with. This in my honest opinion is just WRONG.

PS. Valuable Lesson: Anyone buying an EA game, please don’t register the copy when prompted. Especially if you think you’ll be very likely to sell it onto someone else down the track when your sick of it.