Satisification of DIY

I know it’s been sometime since I last posted, and yes I have certainly been busy. Lot’s has certainly happened.

Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas period, and soon to be New Year’s.

I noticed Simon Rumble has been somewhat busy with DIY projects, and funny enough so have we. Thought it was a good as time as any to post something about what has been going on.

We’ve purchased a shed, and constructed it. Will post photos once I take some, as I don’t have any of it at the moment. However I spent the Xmas period doing a reintaining wall mainly to create a nice area for a garden. Believe me I need to cut back on the lawn, as mowing all the lawn we do have takes too long. Further more I am sick of having to do the edges of the grass against the house, I wanted something between the house and the lawn. So we installed some 400×400 pavers, and it came up alright too. Pictures all below, the wall is still not finished. Working on the last 90 degree turn back into the slope, and then I need to dig the hole bigger to hook it up to the storm water pipes.