Options when you can’t get ADSL

The application was rejected, as per before. No ports available in the RIM, and well no ETA for upgrade. I guess we will just have to apply every 2-4 weeks until it happens. In the meantime I emailed the Federal Member, although that probably won’t do alot. I might look at getting some other affected people involved, soon as I determine what my best actions would be.

In the meantime decided the best alternative is probably to pickup an Unwired modem and use Unwired. It’s not entirely ideal, as I can’t work from home. But I can atleast use the internet for various things as required. Further more it will allow us to get our guide data to our devices on the network that require it.

I’ve since obtained a modem from a friend 2nd hand, just need to enable it and pay up for a plan etc. The only thing I need to do is save up to buy a router to run it, although in the meantime I might pull out an old machine and run Linux to do the job (until I can budget the cost of the router in).