Nearly time to move

We’ve booked in to move on Thursday, so as the day fast approaches we still have to pack up a number of rooms. Namely the kitchen. Will be alot happier once the move is completed. Although the house still has a few things needing to be fixed, hopefully that is all done tomorrow.

On Thursday we have booked in a number of things to happen, so it’s going to be very busy. A/C is going to be finished off, appliances have to be installed, Telstra is doing phone service and Antenna guy will install antennas and booster/amp for all the tv points.

Soon as I have a phone line, I’ll apply for ADSL. Will schedule a bit of time to then setup of the new desks in the office and unpack the computer gear. I also need to make time to do the various network ports in some rooms. Looks like it’s going to be a busy few weeks going forward.

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