Yet again, more issues

Just when I thought we’d sorted out things, along comes another problem. My wife and I are seriously starting to get very annoyed.

It would appear the cleaners went through the house and removed the coating from the glass on each of the windows. In certain places the glass had concrete on them which the film hadn’t protected too well. So the cleaners in the attempt to remove it, managed to seriously scratch the glass in a few windows. So far my wife has counted at least two, however didn’t check every other one. We’ve since pointed out to site manager the issue.

No way should we be expected to just keep it as is, it should in my opinion be replaced and resolved for windows which show serious signs of the issue at hand. If the builder has an issue they can take it up with the people who work on site and continue to cause problems like this.

Further more the tilers were on site, and apparently had no power. Oddly enough the

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