House progress, driveway is about to be done

House progress to date is that the driveway is about to be done, as can be seen from the picture below. It’s expected to be done mid-week. Cleaning is about to commence, so is the floor coverings to be started soon after.

I am going to call the air conditioning company tomorrow, as they haven’t gone in yet to do any outlets. It’s hoped they will do these before the floor coverings go in, especially the carpet. We all know how messy trades people are.

It’s been stated to us our final inspection should be the end of the week, followed by the builder having about 5 business days to fix up anything found in final inspection. Then as soon as we arrange final payment, we will have our keys and be allowed to move in.

We better follow up on the side fence and gate too. We had arranged this, but it was delayed as the builder still required access. So I will be sure to follow up and make sure it does happen before we attempt to move in.

I won’t go into much more detail as I could rant about the numerous things that have annoyed us along the way with trades people.


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