Damn Telstra

It would appear the local exchange or cabinet our phone runs too is out of ADSL ports on the CMUX, so no ADSL until it gets upgraded. Of course, no one can tell us when. Guess I will let the application stay in held state and stay in queue for an available port.

With the estate booming, no paper pusher decided to upgrade the infrastructure, which is REALLY annoying. Guess I might write a letter to local member and start to annoy the right people.

Damn Telstra.

I swear I have seen that ship before

I noticed today that a certain ship cruised into Sydney, and I thought to myself it seemed somewhat like a ship we saw last year while we cruised from Alaska to Canada. The more I thought about the more I am certain it’s the same ship.

The following photo was taken from the cruise ship Sapphire Princess. As you can see our ship we were on was a lot bigger, 2970 passengers I believe from the princess cruises website. The ship docked behind us in this photo is the same ship that just sailed into Sydney today. Very impressive nonetheless compared to the Sapphire Princess.


Nearly time to move

We’ve booked in to move on Thursday, so as the day fast approaches we still have to pack up a number of rooms. Namely the kitchen. Will be alot happier once the move is completed. Although the house still has a few things needing to be fixed, hopefully that is all done tomorrow.

On Thursday we have booked in a number of things to happen, so it’s going to be very busy. A/C is going to be finished off, appliances have to be installed, Telstra is doing phone service and Antenna guy will install antennas and booster/amp for all the tv points.

Soon as I have a phone line, I’ll apply for ADSL. Will schedule a bit of time to then setup of the new desks in the office and unpack the computer gear. I also need to make time to do the various network ports in some rooms. Looks like it’s going to be a busy few weeks going forward.

House gets floor tiles, concrete driveway and patio done

Yesterday our concrete for the driveway was laid, along with the concrete for the patio area out the back.




Previous to this the main living areas had tiles laid a few days ago, and the pictures below show how those areas look with the tiles. The colours certainly came up well.


Yet again, more issues

Just when I thought we’d sorted out things, along comes another problem. My wife and I are seriously starting to get very annoyed.

It would appear the cleaners went through the house and removed the coating from the glass on each of the windows. In certain places the glass had concrete on them which the film hadn’t protected too well. So the cleaners in the attempt to remove it, managed to seriously scratch the glass in a few windows. So far my wife has counted at least two, however didn’t check every other one. We’ve since pointed out to site manager the issue.

No way should we be expected to just keep it as is, it should in my opinion be replaced and resolved for windows which show serious signs of the issue at hand. If the builder has an issue they can take it up with the people who work on site and continue to cause problems like this.

Further more the tilers were on site, and apparently had no power. Oddly enough the

Mixed signals

Mildly annoyed today, as I spoke with Site Manager about house and got completely different story about the supposed final inspection day and when it will take place. So this makes things a little difficult. Who do I believe, as either story means varied finish date.

Had hoped to give notice about ending lease, but it appears we won’t do that until we can confirm with both parties as to which story is correct. I am not really concerned too much if ones a little later then other, but of course we need to know and determine our last day at rental house correctly, to allow for a few days overlap.

Awaiting call back from both parties, so really could choke someone about now.

House progress, driveway is about to be done

House progress to date is that the driveway is about to be done, as can be seen from the picture below. It’s expected to be done mid-week. Cleaning is about to commence, so is the floor coverings to be started soon after.

I am going to call the air conditioning company tomorrow, as they haven’t gone in yet to do any outlets. It’s hoped they will do these before the floor coverings go in, especially the carpet. We all know how messy trades people are.

It’s been stated to us our final inspection should be the end of the week, followed by the builder having about 5 business days to fix up anything found in final inspection. Then as soon as we arrange final payment, we will have our keys and be allowed to move in.

We better follow up on the side fence and gate too. We had arranged this, but it was delayed as the builder still required access. So I will be sure to follow up and make sure it does happen before we attempt to move in.

I won’t go into much more detail as I could rant about the numerous things that have annoyed us along the way with trades people.


iMac under load

All I can say is that the iMac I have certainly gets a bit of a pounding, below is a screen grab from the Menubar showing some key stats of the system.


Although, the machine was certainly doing some heavy processing. Ripping a DVD image, running VMware Fusion, Adium, FireFox and using HandBrake to convert some DVD vob files into another format.

Not to mention it was dialed out to the internet via Three X-Series plan on my wife’s Three mobile, then sharing it out via wireless to her MacBook nearby.

It’s great when things just work.

Upgrade success

Upgraded WordPress over the weekend. It seemed to upgrade without much issues, the only mistake was on my part in the options used to upload some files. So I fixed that and the upgrade then took place.

Finally native tag support, without the need to install a plug in to provide the tag functions. Very impressed, all I need to do now is do more work on the layout and other associated things. Don’t be surprised if it takes me a while.