Pleasant Surprise

Went to work yesterday, it was my first day for the week on the account I worked the weekend which means I had Monday and Tuesday off.

Had a pleasant surprise, was asked by my manager to come in for a chat. I was certainly curious why, although knew it wasn’t anything bad. Turns out it was to be presented with a letter from the Executive Vice President, as I was nominated for a Reward & Recognition. Turns out I was nominated by an employee in another team in the United States. It was for my Contributions on the EMC Customer Support Forums. Since it was launched sometime ago, I created an account and tried to post on it every so often when time permitted. The fellow who nominated me happens to be one of the moderators.

As I said to the fellow who nominated in an email, I am happy to help where I can. Said thanks to them for the nomination, however they said it was deserved. So it made me quite happy about the whole thing.

Further more my manager thanked me for my contribution in recent months relating to the amount of service requests I accept and close on a monthly basis. It’s consistently very high in our team. Picked up a Myer Gift card, so I thought that was really nice of him.

All in all yesterday was a good day, and it’s when this happens you don’t mind going to work and spending that little extra effort to help out.

Below is excerpt from the letter I was given;

Reward and Recognition.jpg

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