Purchased two corner desks for new home office

For weeks now my wife and I have been looking at desks. Decided that the desks I have been using for a few years probably need a bit of an update. So figured when it came time to move into the new house, we wouldn’t take them with us. Instead we wanted to find something to replace them.

After what seems like a very long time we came to the conclusion that for size and money value, the Ikea Galant was probably the best idea. So today we borrowed a trailer and went to pick up the bits needed to create 2 corner workspaces for the home office in the new house.

Below is a sketch I did quickly sometime ago which I thought worked well in the room and for the lengths I had to work with. All we need to do now is to store it all until the house is finished and removals come to move our contents to the new place.


It should work well. I had to work with not only the room size, but also where the services exist on each wall. We put in extra double power point on the left wall in the corner. The other, along with a TV antenna point (and termination of all my network cables from other rooms) is on the wall in the top of the sketch, towards the right corner.

I guess all we need to do now is find a new chair for my wife’s workspace.

Of course we’re getting a little excited about finally moving. When we have our next inspection we should then have an idea of a move date at that meeting/inspection time.

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