What is heimic?

What is heimic? Well if you don’t know then I’ll certainly explain. It’s quite simple really.

When I met my wife we decided at some point that we should create a domain that is unique to us. I’d previously had a number of other domains, but now we needed something a little more unique to us both. So after a bit of thought it suddenly dawned on me an idea. I took the letters from both our names and created HeiMic. Thus heimic.net was born.

Told you it was simple? Didn’t I.

Below is an extract from the closing of the Wedding DVD we got from our Wedding. Watching this brings back some good memories of the day. Hope you enjoy it.

City Homicide is a good show

I’ve been watching City Homicide since it started, and I must say it’s become one of my favorite programs. The characters are good, the story lines are well done too.

In the episode on Monday they had a song in the background towards the end and I swear I have heard it in another Australia made movie, although I can’t confirm that yet as my DVD of said movie is packed in boxes, but I will check it in due time. Although maybe I heard this song on City Homicide in an earlier episode. Guess I better do research.

Below is a clip from the end of episode 4 which is a promo, very well done I think too.

What’s with the RAR compression on torrents

That is a good question and was answered somewhat by a post by Simon Rumble.

Those explanations are certainly good and related to the question, however it all stems from scene rules. All the groups who actually distributed those things, called scene releases. All follow the same rules for packaging things, if you do a google you will see what I mean. The multiple part files actually come from originally the BBS days of when you’d upload them to a scene board. It’s alot easier to upload many files vs huge file on a modem.

Take a look at this Wikipedia entry which gives a good outline about it.

iPhoto ’08 fresh install shows Events with wrong font

When I reinstalled my iMac recently I opted to leave out any iLife ’06 applications and then install iLife ’08 as a fresh install after MacOS X was reinstalled from the restore media. It all went perfect with one exception.

After the install of iLife ’08 onto the machine, my iPhoto ’08 was showing all the Events with what appeared to be an incorrect font type. On a machine that went from iLife ’06 to iLife ’08 the font used to describe events was bold and clear. However fresh install version was not.

I knew it was a font issue, possibly a missing font. So after a bit of investigation I found the missing font.

The missing font is “HelveticaCY.dfont” and if you drop a copy of it into “/Library/Fonts/” then restart iPhoto ’08 everything will appear like it should.

I’ve not done further research, but I can only imagine the above font is included on iLife ’06 only, or due to my custom install of iLife ’08 where I didn’t install certain applications, namely GarageBand. I’ll investigate further when time permits, in the meantime. Thought I’d post about it incase someone else has similar issue. I like my bold font for Event titles.

Below is example pictures showing the problem first hand.

iPhoto - iLife 08 upgraded from iLife 06.jpg
iPhoto upgraded from iLife 06 to iLife 08, and the event font is bold.
iPhoto - iLife 08.jpg
iPhoto – iLife 08 straight install showing events in an incorrect font.

Purchased two corner desks for new home office

For weeks now my wife and I have been looking at desks. Decided that the desks I have been using for a few years probably need a bit of an update. So figured when it came time to move into the new house, we wouldn’t take them with us. Instead we wanted to find something to replace them.

After what seems like a very long time we came to the conclusion that for size and money value, the Ikea Galant was probably the best idea. So today we borrowed a trailer and went to pick up the bits needed to create 2 corner workspaces for the home office in the new house.

Below is a sketch I did quickly sometime ago which I thought worked well in the room and for the lengths I had to work with. All we need to do now is to store it all until the house is finished and removals come to move our contents to the new place.


It should work well. I had to work with not only the room size, but also where the services exist on each wall. We put in extra double power point on the left wall in the corner. The other, along with a TV antenna point (and termination of all my network cables from other rooms) is on the wall in the top of the sketch, towards the right corner.

I guess all we need to do now is find a new chair for my wife’s workspace.

Of course we’re getting a little excited about finally moving. When we have our next inspection we should then have an idea of a move date at that meeting/inspection time.

Reinstalled iMac and tested out new Apple Keyboard

I decided 2 nights ago that I would backup my iMac and reinstall it. It didn’t really needed it, but I was in the mood to give it a good tidy up. I’d managed to clutter it up a little in recent weeks and wanted to give it a fresh bit of life. This time I will be more aware of what I install on it.

Further more I also wanted to test out the new Apple Keyboard, so I hooked it up and was using it. Needed to install Keyboard Software Update to get the special keys to work. But it seems to work fine, I don’t mind it at all. If I had to pick something about it, I would have to say the location of the USB ports on it. I prefer the location of the USB ports on the older model keyboard.

I’ll do a post in a few weeks time with all the fancy applications I use. Some of them are free, which is good. I’ve found applications in the past only by chance or by someone recommending it. So hopefully by doing the same, I can enlighten someone else.