Monthly Archives: September 2007

House front door is finally painted.

Finally the front door on the house is painted. Below is a picture from the front of the house showing the final colours of the exterior.

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Pleasant Surprise

Went to work yesterday, it was my first day for the week on the account I worked the weekend which means I had Monday and Tuesday off. Had a pleasant surprise, was asked by my manager to come in for … Continue reading

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What is heimic?

What is heimic? Well if you don’t know then I’ll certainly explain. It’s quite simple really. When I met my wife we decided at some point that we should create a domain that is unique to us. I’d previously had … Continue reading

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City Homicide is a good show

I’ve been watching City Homicide since it started, and I must say it’s become one of my favorite programs. The characters are good, the story lines are well done too. In the episode on Monday they had a song in … Continue reading

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Internal progress on house

In the last 4 or so days internal painting started, along with the tiler working in the various areas. Below is a selection of pictures, of course it don’t show things as well as it could, but it will give … Continue reading

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What’s with the RAR compression on torrents

That is a good question and was answered somewhat by a post by Simon Rumble. Those explanations are certainly good and related to the question, however it all stems from scene rules. All the groups who actually distributed those things, … Continue reading

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iPhoto ’08 fresh install shows Events with wrong font

When I reinstalled my iMac recently I opted to leave out any iLife ’06 applications and then install iLife ’08 as a fresh install after MacOS X was reinstalled from the restore media. It all went perfect with one exception. … Continue reading

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Purchased two corner desks for new home office

For weeks now my wife and I have been looking at desks. Decided that the desks I have been using for a few years probably need a bit of an update. So figured when it came time to move into … Continue reading

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Reinstalled iMac and tested out new Apple Keyboard

I decided 2 nights ago that I would backup my iMac and reinstall it. It didn’t really needed it, but I was in the mood to give it a good tidy up. I’d managed to clutter it up a little … Continue reading

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Kitchen gets installed

Went past house today and our kitchen was being installed. Our bath should arrive on Thursday. Our front door has arrived however it hasn’t been installed yet. Although if you notice in the last photo. The fence around the place … Continue reading

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