Internal Stairs have been confirmed

I went out to the house lastnight on my way home from work and can confirm we do indeed have internal stairs now. They look good and make a difference. Now we don’t need a ladder to go upstairs to check on things. Although now that has been done it’s not long now until the house goes into the lock up stage.

While we were onsite my mate and I put the hole on the correct side of the wall where the alarm

control box will go, we then did what we needed to pull through the various 32 cable runs. Then counted to make sure we had them all. Then taped them up in a nice coil. Hopefully now they should stay in place and not get pushed back in wall or anything like that. Painter just needs to paint around them (and lift them out of the way using something so they can paint behind it).

Finally the house is taken shape, I’ll post up some pictures, as I believe my wife should of got some earlier today.

Of course once we move in, then I need to go around and dig out all the other cables we put in place. ie. extra phone points and data cables in the various rooms. Oh that will be fun, not.

EDIT: And as promised some photos. Click for larger size.


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