Somewhat annoyed

To say I am somewhat annoyed would be an understatement. Just checked the mail and you wouldn’t believe it, but Elamond Homes have sent us a letter for another 3 day extension for 3 day’s last week. Those day’s are; 14/08/07, 16/08/07 and 17/08/07.

What’s more annoying is that on these days in question I don’t recall any rain being about, not to mention the fact when we queried them on the Sunday about what was going to happen that week, they only gave us some information 2 day’s later.

At this rate of course they will finish in contract period, cause they keep bloody extending it at every chance they have. As far as I was informed last week, only the gyprock was happening, and that started Friday (17/08) and took place, yet according to this letter they wish to claim it as an extensions day due to weather? So maybe they expected some other work to take place but couldn’t happen cause of weather? I say bullshit.

I know for a fact it didn’t rain Friday as I was on a rostered day off so I called into the house site twice. Of course gyprock was going up and no rain fell.

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